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Quality Policy

ICAN World Wide
ICAN Centers must comply with this Quality Policies:

  • Comply with any health protocols of your local authorities, in case of omissions within them, improve them, following with the ICAN protocols

  • To have a fair payment scheme for the company's guides 

  • Accurately inform the prices of the courses and experiences

  • Offer a pleasant reception.

  • Provide detailed information on the development of activities.

  • Adopt a respectful attitude towards the environment, people, clients and private property.

  • Use of safety equipment in perfect condition and in accordance with UIAA or CE safety standards

  • Respect the safety rules, and carry out activities with clients only with ICAN Certified Guides

  • Offer practitioners who request it, the possibility of acquiring the basic levels of training (At least the level of "Elementary")

failure to comply with one or more of these policies may be subject to removal as an ICAN quality centre.

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